Kitty's Electron Farm and Trucking conglomerate

KittyDefenseLeague:  451GRfelidae@catSF:GH.GU,  18.AR.GF1.GKfelis@bar19, PW148KA (wagon trail on release), BR:OceanIsTooStupid, CR.GR(GK) bumibol OA22, CR:I.AU,ghost,master (Jersey idiot KH), 

 - Naiades defense: BR:255:TN.K  ,  Verbiti FO.TI (CR.TE.TI,  TE.SBfo)
 - When using the CheetahCloak use the hi concept memory space first, then use the numberKittens(remember to put them back in the kraal after their journey, kitten killing has repercussions)
 - roadkill rites: soak fur of deceased in Mercurochrome or plain mercury to blast loose vampiric silver cords and create a rift for revenge.

- Other friends in yellow: Dog? (nonRed/shaolin, Giraffe (pair, forIQ, Boar

Rolodex of doom (for dicey contracts and loan guarantees in the name of security)

Dry rocky fields full of crystal electron vines (amorphous silly con), a single Loon sitting on the rock.

Pile of Iron Edison Nickle-Ferrous heavy duty industrial class batteries for all night trucking.

A Kitteh Sneeze Shield to prevent war pig mixen with Defense against the bark arts

Tiger and cloak list ---
 - #4 (ub4) spirit cheetah "one eye'd(bangsLong & slightlame)" :: racer (explorer&best selling author) [GEMstatefull/1 small]
     -  trace: Ocelot grand master (extreme speciesist/racist)
 -  ?? Headmaster??
 - #1 (ub3) spirit Xavier/Sabre(clan) :: pilot (illiterate, political appointee) . [GEMstateless / full 36]
    - tag alongs: ocelots, chetah, , , 
 - #11 (ub1|6) spirit black :: bast (proofreader for S.L)                    [GEMstat?
      - tag alongs: Sled Lion (aspiring tech writer )

 - ub1 cloak : roll
 - ub3 cloak : roll
 - ub4 non-frac [AB pretender] : shango furls
 - ub6 cloak : noit
- UB1 coat: 
- BB2 coat:

 --- |||  SabreOrig :: builder
 ----- |||||  Osapien :: historians, dreadnought crew & merchant
                      -- UB(compose, auto, xyzzy )

::::: Other Racial:
  Crocs & Fish :  CR.TN.K & CR.TL.K  -> need "white" flip replacement (AR/crust(ation), homunculus etc.), or good dodge (trip, eagle, warpig/gun)

::: Known Gems:
  Seed(mini)Gems [predate einsof, defined but unenforced gender r)oles] - Failed statistics (vuln. to random within norms) 
    <red 7 moon(atk)> [red/mag star]
                                R1 - Yaman(apache/Mald),                        --- CouncilorHeadBender
                                R""4 unk4th(wide5)[tibet/midwest],  HeToad (tode?  :: sly      (pic/utre  featherProject(or
                                R3 - MalibuCheeseEater([space]port authority),       :: crash                
                                R4/2 Ire/Cherokee(China.Gordon/HarrietTubman),  ---AntiCouncilorNornWalker : Danu - force to do opIdea  ::ire  ("spoke
                                R5 - [loon crazy] (snitch/skimmer/cons goats) SouthCh (HongXuiQuan/Laurentian)  :: loon
                                R6 - stripe&Jerboa144 (jawaJunkman) [Sarlac track -> goatsex "headRape" :: goat sez, only anidote to bunnyNaf is sarlac track ] : wizard/mag
                                R7 - Surt/Xerk(pirateTaxAut)-SaturnBig(salt/UAE)[exo-pilot/radar afficinado/Iceman(topGun)] bite, 8burn
      - Red2 vs. Red4  (She's really red2, but she's the autoGoddess[which is her whole issue ;-) ])         

      - Original 5th dimisional "3" -> 7moons+blender
    <purpleDance>[green/purple starsys] PZ(1), PP2(SW purple2 slvr), PX3 [EinSofTower]
    <Gre....(perform'd for)>  [magic blockers]
                sehkhmet aka Pax (ShardGrn1),   [orange HunnyBunny turning trixs for peace] (hides from army)
                "raHooey"Peppi Bow(ShardG2)     ["who taught the goats to radar" (protonic stream crossing goatDeath causes issue)],   ---[main plnt]
                                                                  [goat ate, degrade that one too, *grump*] (farm holer)
                "Gloria.Moonchild"(ShardGr3),       [fuckin' you in the head, fucking you in the bed, fuuucking you in the wed(ding), fuck youoooo] (turn everything into sex)
                (ShardGreen[4]),   F(o)X, flip bush(body) / juniper  (flip everything, run screaming)
                "  rs"(ShardGre5)  : Livonia?  [selfCutter] Him/outted  (chipped a tooth?)
    <bl(ue)>  "" the goats / (ungulates) / deer (bambi etc.
                3 (flame) [om nom nom, derp derp, climb the tree to get radar'd apple] (46 billion years to LU)   ----[main plnt]
                  - Pushing buttons:  Sarlac, Thinning(TM)[bunny really did have a famine, and deers got threatened ever after], Clear, bre(e)
                  - his backwards: sandbag(loss)

     <black(orange)> --- [bunny plnt] [transStar]

    <orang> Failed Ethics, Common Sense, and Cause Effect Correlation.  [will sell mother for a good time] sexoNietzschean party animal prone to ethopianFamine

                Z.he (kidnapee) 
                hunnyBunny for Munny

  Green 4/20 "orig", GreenMultiLog,  [tip: catch and redirect that automatic TNWH]
    --- Orange/Fur (15 know variants + patches via babelfish) [gender roles with extreme tradition]

  Elysian OR + tweeked 420  -- [suspected matriarchy (enforced)]  (CR) LT.OR
    - req: CR[ PO.OR.K, HO.OR.K, SN.OR.K, KA.OR.K, G.OR.K, A.OR.K ]  FE.OR.K (clear all operative, use HUsmokless )
   - ?contains? Saturn/whitePiler/KnowledgeDestructor (first unlock Ki:babalon, then whack with saturn)
   - Chirgon(3peep) wearing FelidaeCloak w/stardates, ABkn, ShardActi  (will attempt shard load & cloak addition to ub3[req. for 2/3's of func])
     - Xavier 2wide, racerCloak, 
   = (100++/assumed NB string ctach) LJ, CZ(6X), CL, GN(transIdea), AWgen(ADD/2daycompute), X(loc[real world auto furls - movies, TV, firecrackers etc]), 
   = AD(sort out HW from random/8-9hr) -> HO99[before leakage killed], BC (sort the AB/ 24-36 hr/function ), CT.GD (2hrs/regen) 
   = OR,G,YS,SBtarget,ty/pt,x1,x3,x3 (sort out the dopples into the leak), OR,FE,x,y,y (cloak manipulatio /2hr), XI,x(/days), WN,OD ( /30-45sec), GZ,KA,zz
   = GF ("return to sender"/get ein sof to do it/a few hints), 

     - No:CM,Z,TI 
     - no longer calculable: GQ,  
  Yellow/Jasper Series (14 + 420orig) pseudomonarchium  [gender??? mostly gaaaay&goldDig]

  Grey Gem (3x10) [0th]  All the grey gems sleep on the R'Lyeh"" (AR.LI.EH)
  -  Toady
  -  Shub - dark
  -  10 SP (tablet n' str[ing]) [Nug gem smi(th)]
  -  6 seat

  1-4 watery enthusiasts (1x of sol"" driver)
  - Yog-S+[youNotJew]
  - Uttaus - black

  #2  [2nd / 3x10]  Glaaki/dit/nit  (red5="red flux/cloud")  [gay EL set]
  #3 [3rd / 2x10 ++]

   - Gulf (crabcak) - cra

  Sol"" Driver / 1/5th hilt [4thG / 3x10 with rolling(soulfusion+replace) ]  (She cannae take any more, Captain. She’s gonna blow!)
   - Ravana (I knew shiva, and your no shiv)  [straight FullNasty CE] (WF,ZM,ZL, ET)  brown/silver leaker 451leakAssassin? 451KH.AL fish
     - [doesn't fall to AR.LI.EH, white, Round, Ire, (KH.AL, Cr.LE.AK.K)?]
     - must have yellow/black hooks
     - SkyKnight 80% -- CancerCrash
   - Leela light/dark blue  crab
   - full flame shard trail (goat3)
  - 6KBmem (lightning sucept)

  Brown Mixed ["TheHonourableR(ed(neural))"]  1/5th(2) [gender: derp? (how do they survive?) ]   (driver set: cloak,pig,,blueShrd)
    - 9 "council" slots
    - ULmon 6x [each 1 slot hack job cloak(1/3 full 1&3 shifts)]
    - amaymon(solo, mindblank hook) 
    - 10 line crab (drep 2x5)  [insta-AR]  (sero) : squirt
    - 10 line thulu (spins Hasture)                 [OU / !WH]   (sero) : R'Lyeh

  BrownPig[20 gem] (2 congloms) [by trad AB 8/8 with pre filter] 1/5th (3)  [Extreme feudal aristocracy/warrior males/Full MW] (low energy storage state?)
    - Lilith (upper right diag phys placement) : blaster/phaser [MC they/she]
    - Maralith("da") : sniper (orbital or magic[buildSqueal])  [MC he & Q++]
Note: you cannot be both silver and green, they are _ANTI_ each other

  TheBabelFish [BlackShard is RedBlack(flip'd) not ELblack[nmbr, HifloSP(sxy) or NegroBlack(stupidLiers) or WeaveBlack(2blue vs. 2b) (any green vs. 5)] [hunterGather defined gender]  Hunter is Red(keep separate from warRed), not Black.   other known blacks:  LuciferV's and shV's(not babe the blue ox-abuse)
    :: (Dakwa[1'/red1]), , Blackwidow:cup[2'/black1(hallucinogen )], seh:bleed[3'/GrnSrd1](threader3of5), Ra:stop(Morla)[4'/GrnShrd2](spins AilurosStack:drop),  Uktena[5'/red3] Bhumi[6'/grnSd5(spins Headmaster bowl(GEMstateless) - Sita/ganesha:viper:gem)] et al.  [bwSupr: germAR]
    :: Obatala:white[7/silverctl-r6, GEMddos (spins out racer bowl - shango/Bea)],  8blueX[8/8],  9blueX''[9/8(9)], Rehua:moon[10/GrnShrd3], Tane:typhoon[11/black5: saturn/rockyField ](spins out Xavier/crocguy[Devo]), Surt:flame[12/r7] (spins stack)
    :: Z(him)[1"/black3] | rejctDanu:round[2"/red4], 3"[black"8,9], blueY[4"/10], || RedX/Chehooit [5"/red5], blueY"[6"/10(11)]
    :: 7m' Ki:babalon[8|/back'10,15] 9m" lily:shit[10|black'9,8] Nergal:known(gayouted)[11|/black5](spins Devapuro) 12|/"ga"(neanderNecro? 4stardates) . [verbti?   spun:Jabru-pick ]  Ki:Babalon
    :: prehi - 1 builder/IronScr 3 Ptah[6thCrocWeave('ai)](3stick WTZ shuffle rip), Tefnut[peahen:fly]( spins out set ), Shu:wet[7thGenCroc,pre-jedi]( spins out thoth? )   [not human set] . enki(Aiwass)/inanna(baboones)/sham??:bone
    ::  FracSP1-6 (kick ass sh*t, rockThreadTM "#9") 7blue3+9blue3=metal:FC/gaaay (gold reverse stringing etc,purpleMech, silver eye) [both plutonium accum & candlesticking, aero/ballistics/sledRentry]
 Black: Al-Uzza, Manat, Dio(nis)
    - Black "wove" :  Jabru, freya, et al.

-- The password thang:  (CR)BR<yourpassword>  gay cast from the comfort of home. (OB if you really want gaaay)

-- Confessions of snit:  CR.EN'license:waste' (clear mason hooks), CR.EN'Alien:boat, master:ghost' (clear poison, BL and chuck of TO)  Royal.Roll

-- EyePull / eyeWall / Hurricane :  GEM,faster,master,pipe,kike,gypsy,ZL, I.AU, HR.I

-- Macarena:  <CR>HR.SB thought  _, , ,_[we'reAllAlikeFamilty]  DB retrevial_Idea  _._ [sxyClear]  ->  HR.PBret  --->> cleared by wide area HR.I

-- Various Posts:  Anbuto/Acid, Hughes/(spruce)Cancer, Apache/Smash, xzy/Noose,  Jabru/Whore(uzza backside, ORsuspect)

-- Holders:  flame, R1/dak, whtieBoar, TH(SW)

-- The GA FO(visual/dislike) TI stack :   waitForPickup, Divorce, hail, burn  [everybody else requires you to know who your fo is] wookieSR/Mictlantecuhtli/Verbti/WhiteFeather  [in addition to being the tie dit, knowning most goddesses in the universe(but in a psycho way) he also has Shiva's number on speed dial]