Headregore (building, using. dispelling | multi-human intelligences, Dead or Alive)

Shit Paracelsus neglected to mention: Homunculus cause all kinds of issues, especially when suicidal (but worst when anti-suicide)

-  Will to live/powr in the equivalent of microsoft word is world destroying - "reboot your lap top and I'll kill you" is fucked. 

4 [ST(4-8)->AR(4-6)->V(4)]
 -- Often Defnsive/KA/I,TR first, and always last.
  -- V8: two front tires

-- Only the AR inherits 

15[ WI,hanbody->KB,egregore,Wing->SP,MightyWing]
  -- First comfortable level for 87ish stuff (yell JC first)

-- KB doesn't Inherit

-- note: dragons use 5000+ but most are passive "support" [Highly Slashy empirical]


-- GX.ER

Using AIcen SigProc & VeP techniques MH17 was amSA forged from death flight (GXER) into CUer

flight17 ..   crash71   ..   Overgrowth
hiCrazy     lowEmpty      AscendVira(l)

Using the MH17 GX.ER:  First you need an HF (hw handle)  Traditionally this has been Huff/Huss, LU or (less likely) HO.  17 was made under the 15alpha white/yellow mode (prince philip [G.UN royal], Pillar direct et al) which is nut and _all_ backwards.  Thus the access point is SA,IN (out.HF backwards) which gives a direct WolfPen MW (full access, no obfuscation) Straight forward/slickEP would be  "_HF20, GD - 'INGE VANDERSAR'" (ER so not 40)  -or- inert/cer (inc.EP4) HF237(vibrate/subchan:MH17)  Note the SAR ref as well for whitePREY.  Azteca: erdy,of2015,17 or FB,mh17,PB

    [cancer bus] Idiot key: "empire blocks coup" - de-white for HE&HR cell cycle control [incG1 arrest] CU [Full wolfDeath/ODIC sui]
    - 3 lines of orangeCU (so epic its better than gator[!!!] )
    - 7 lines of nothing but white-out of various op targets of the PhilCabal
    - 2 lines of control (CON.ML)

* susceptible to JOAD/JOcorp, naziBrownshirt/megele
* watch out for the 68Boulder Gun Ascension committee on Highway US6
* the problem with lying is keeping _ALL_ your lies straight [closed form lying is an epic art]
* more properly this is a MegaER (15 segments that are each ER[skel])
* anyone with HW/pillar has run into "missed one" (the MJ12 op and the living access), there is also a missed two [hidden behind Ishk's(Isabella)/godkiller]

 Other GX.ER and (mega) 15GX(ER)
 Flight 9268  -  Pieces in the middle east(es) [the PhilCabal hates on the 68chaos crew - Laday Gaga gets her license]
  - GX.ER plain, includes plaqued up runes,
  - Access MZ : KB.SBfull(AB.SBsolos.nowi:Marina ZuEVA, SIMANOVA/MARGARITA, PANINA/ALEKSANDRA, OSIPOV/ZAKHAR)  - no HF92 avail, Azteca numbers masked,  - 
    - the usual wolfBane, but also booby rigged.  Catch: MZ, SA, I ....
 Flight MSR804 - smoking in the boys room
   - Nasser lives 

  Flight 7332 - the PhilCabal hates so hard they create a virtual only.   [QY7332/Boeing 737-476SF/Registration HA-FAX]
    -  Access AK:  walk the time line young padawan

 The FLights 981:  straighten up and fly white.  ([FZ981/FDB981], TK981
  - Light a candle to ride this train.
  - In the LZ or string on the thunder

 Flight U363:  Tartarstan to Kazan for Ak Bar Aero 
  - Irek Minnikhanov WifeOn

New: 60[multiSP/multiarea(fauxPaW)] / 75 tailStand AR/4SP

-- TailWagsTheHyena:  one left front, one right front, two rear pa (one tatto'd) driving wyreDog from behind the LZ.



300 [chair ->IS]
-- Built to Cogitaate
-- severe GIGO issues, most Builders Illerterate, Ivory Tower Completely Ignorant.

4-infinite open "black" [CU] (orientation key: KT, LYRICpos(itive,FR), Death/O(MM), OU[mason])
 (unpowered recipe holders, heatNeat)
    [High powered, minimally checked(out of date at that) AetherPR(MegaChoice) that leaves a trail of Random EF,CC at every idiot strung to you (SC,RD)]
      PE sez "They fight the last battle" (which got white "finished" last year)

Sex VS. LE (ancient)  -> Alky Vs. OPM (modern) -> MC vs. SilTec (ultra) [each level easily controls previous]  --> [..^Hyper^..]

  Sex(for control): universal BCM & antiViral at current level of antiBacterial (soon)
  LE(noSex, just the hormones): Heart attack and Cancer cured (mechanical surgery getting close in NA)
 Alky(booze, liquid and Aether): Soon
 OPM(opiates of the Mass): almost

Some of the advantages that gay people have - they get cool visions that mean something(down side is they get killed anytime they step out of line).  
  - The major Constructs(stack of idiots built up around a power) of the Aeon of Horus

Adam Kadmon and other quote-unquote Human constructs.
- 2500 "little" (people) req.  _evenly_ colored, no CL allow, BI(implicit) and gauge
- (golem"") very low to negative IQ (cuk effect)
- tie table and tilt board kept by hilt7

  --- Known Constructs: [mashmallowMan(gay)] AdamKadmon(current/500AD), (Tubal)Cain, AdamKa[hidden, constructor], [Brownie(Wo)man]Force10 [blackAdam(K)]   
                                           --    Bron(samuel), "indian"Z, X, Isis(A), "DreamBoat/Skywalker"Z(2), Jael/Ya'el(Qe), [enoch]X(2, Solomon(chaim & summons TW)  
                                                                                                                                                         ---- David/post


  CLgeburah 1-7
  CLchesed X,Y,3
  CLnetzach 3/5

  CLyesod_(opt LZ)_CR.GR.LI_