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----- Machine types -----

VMware networking/firewalling: alioth
    alioth01    -    esxi01 networking
    alioth02    -    condor networking

utility boxes:  polaris
  polaris01        -   ubuntu jeos 8.10/i386  (everything on /opt so can be moved) Mysql config & utility db, puppetmaster

ubuntu server/networking sims: vega
      vega01 -     u810-i386     - dynamips1, pemu1
      vega02 -     u810        - netapp1 (non-cluster)

solaris 10 zfs/zones servers:sirius
    sirius01 -    sol10/32bit    - iSCSI zfs pool / brandZ containers & sol zones

Database Clusters: sargas
    sargas01   -   RHEL 5 / 32bit  Oracle 11g RAC  1
    sargas02   -   RHEL 5 / 32bit  Oracle 11g RAC  2
    sargas03   -   RHEL 5 / 32bit  Oracle 11g RAC  3
    sargas04   -   Postgresql   1
    sargas05   -   Postgresql   2
    sargas06   -   Postgresql   3

----- Network adaptor connections -----

eth0: "normal type" local management
eth1: "trunked" "live internet address", various inter train/cluster comm pools, GRE & IPSEC tunnels
eth2: "normal"  inside pool for last device in train   (owned by app/simulator)
eth3: "normal"  outside pool for first device in train (owned by app/simulator)

----- Networks -----      -    Global management network    -    Condor Hostonly5

-----Naming pool: stars-----

alioth ("the bull" in arabic)
deneb  ("tail/follower" in arabic)
hao ("queen" in chinese)
maia ("a Pleiade" in greek)
polaris ("of the pole" in latin)
procyon ("before the dog" in greek)
regulus ("little king" in greek)
rigel ("foot" in arabic)
sargas ("the great smasher/scorpion" in sumerian)
sirius ("scorching one" in greek)
tarazed ("the scale beam" in persian)
thabit ("endurer" in arabic)
vega ("swooping eagle or vulture" in arabic)
zosma ("girdle" in greek)