Media Issues

Hail Bear New LightAndDark

Fiction - a made up story (perfect place to hide truth from the censor)

Trilogies - Very hard to keep consistent (run on usually indicates a "whiting out" of key idea) 

Pseudomonarchia daemonum. Weyer - Missed a couple of colors (EastAir is trad. yellow) (silver & red are v. imp.)

Waldo and Magic, Inc.  Robert A. Heinlein - missed Aetheric Pollution/Radioactivity, Mental enslavement, and general nastyness

40 K - the emperor doesn't require quite that many sacrifices

DeathGate Cycle - not enough Zifnab, breaking reasons more complex, Alchemy misrepresented

Starsheild: Sentinel - quantum weather is correct, but depicted wrong (it really is similar to weather), and shielding stars by killing kittens just ain't cool.
 - [as an aside, my weapons fire "depleted, depleted, depleted"  aka they are all quantum weather and can't be kv blocked etc. cheap to boot at $80pc.]

SnowCrash - Inky's a dit and the shits far more powerful (no overt alchemy and the shub's 90 off) [mainly KA fucking described]
  - I be your guide,” the boy says. “ba la zin ka nu pa ra ta...”   2chop -> [ba,la] cop labyrinth : [z,in] flip on end : [ka, nu] autothough new : [pa,ra] red goosh pa : [ta ...] fast woman for the win
     - not a bad sneak spell

A Fire upon the deep - tines require cur rating (and they're really openEg[regore])

Enemy of the state - too much satellite tech not enough magic/alchemy

Men In Black - Alchemy (and its _limits_) glossed over, all about enforcement

The Stars My Destination - PyeR is a little fancier and jaunting is mostly mental, all about system messing, no higher stuff.

depleted - the "dreaded all out" moray tap black condition
- strat cannon will black any well, two shots cleared the 180 blue out of the Tofet (doesn't require a tap, but it will on the way by)
2depleted - kv block (legends of ufo's turning off electrical equipment)
- putting a wrench across an 6 kV charged megajoule capacitor to "ensure drained", then drawing a massive spark and thousands of joules across the chest is annoying (I hate arms control).
- (just one of 500+ assassination attempts, I'm rather more bullet proof than average)
3depleted - majesty block - MJ-12

Why kitten killing isn't demonic: [#0 Blood is Trad. Classified as War or Prey, no kittens either end]
- #1 leaves massive trace (Hard and fast rule to keep up ambiguity)
- #2 Pathetic (quite a few demons do have a pathetic side, showing it is anti-power)
- #3 Its often a cull by others (aka no big deal to hard nosed types)
- #4 Killing shields instead of principals shows lack of power
- #5 if you keep a pet around as a shield (good camo for a devil), then you should know that shooting it is pointless(just buy a new shield).
 (note, #5 is demon trad. full)
A demon is far more likely to tell your boss when your excuse has a checkable hole on the day he's in a bad mood to get the entire project they don't like derailed by getting you fired and the other guy transferred. (i.e psych game to kill up, note that angels do this far more often so its untraceable [if their was any "LE" involved it was angel/Elys])