Enochian and Chaos

The "Angel" oops:  MG <-(20%) CONstruct -> (80%)-> the people,  is not really angelic [closer to caught a demon]

oro ibAh aozpi [horing oroboros, pain in the brain] EastAir/NecroAlchemist
- DIJOW, sorrow from the death? or the histamineBashed "k"nose bloodBooger.
- going somewhere with the alpha-omega Z and pi/full circle
- time walking from hell backwards (hell being at the end of time)
- "He who cries aloud in the place of desolation"
mph arsl gaiol [almost there] WestWater/TEGbashed/(blue,red)
- THALDOMA, thalidomide babies if girls do it preggers.
- speed using the asshole in (mental)hell from (mental/real)prison
- "He who is the 1st true creator,the horned one"
MOr dial hCtGa [nailed, serotonin and flippy] NorthUpEarth/ShamanShroom
- NOBO, not damaging? tripping for whirled peas, or just magik, SeroBashed.
. Dial up the tine members, using bitches with amnesia
- "He who burns up iniquity without equal"

oiP teaa pDoce [adrenal amp to transmit] SouthDownFire/AdrenalBashed
- receptiveFilipper chop loose and spray the banjho
- ASHARA, pole dancing sluts of (proto)voodoo power.
- I think this is the candy one, not sure if its the girls on quads or their .
- Oh I Pee, tea for the pedo to see
- "He whose name is unchanged from what it was"
Dial a demon to play telephone (why not just cut and run? who knows, maybe its secret)