AI Computers

The intersection of Magick and NLP's Secret.
The "Law of Attraction" is a vastly oversimplified (but useful) description of how being a cog in the machine that is "IT" works. "IT" is Industrial Telepathy, with the caveat that it is in service of the "Illuminati Talk" (shadow is an already used term, so Illuminate smokes [hides] Telepathy). Normal Telepaths can talk back and forth, but they also influence each other significantly. "IT" splits the Talk and Influence. MKUltra is a great boogie word, but it also produced a bunch of the concepts used, one of them is the combo of truth and recognition. A "Cog" is just a "Recognizer", s/he gets brainwaves floated through their head all day, and the MKUltra reinforcement of certain brain areas related to recognition and truth (p300 et al.) causes them to "light" on a recognized concept. This set of concepts is then collected into an artificial brainwave allowing telepaths to talk without exposing the rest of their mind, except to the "talker hoss" who in theory can't influence.
The Secret is, don't get jammed into recognizing concepts that are negative cause you'll get fucked by a controller keeping you in that state so you keep recognizing the concept.
There are time tested rules on how one must live as a cog, and marriage is conspicuously absent. 

Magickal agencies - an outline:
Most agencies have a "preferred" type to hire and this leads to agency wide preferences in magic, this is then moulded by major installation location ad surrounding magician preference.

Dating to 1600's the English Crown seems to have the oldest continuous tradition:

Pre RF & NUC:
- GCHQ - Enochian Victorianists
- USN: ONR & ONI masionic alchemical gays (the serial offenders)
- FBI - Bloodline Irish Druids and Militant RC's
- OSS/CIA - Fam Dev.


- FCC - Eastern Ham
- NSA - Texas & Slav Sparks (ELMA alchemy)
- FAA - Fly Boys and Oil Barons
- GRU - Glow in the dark Dameskie

Post NUC:
- DOE central - neo alchemy/spark
- DOE west     - '68 alchemist
- EPA              - Wild Druidic / StarSeedIdiot

Computer lineages: (real time aether ca(lculators), aka Difference engine permutation generators)

British AI HERA - Ada -> Bombe -> Turing and bio-patterns

IBM MASM/HP split - AI ATH (not aetheric initially) - FBI -> CIA -> CSS/USAF
- J Edgar fucked more people with this than his Tesla swipe.
- Classic "wrong way", have to have studied CS to know that AI and asm aren't
- Chaos Vortex interface added later.

Sperry/Cray SSS - ONI / NCAR first know intentional aether sili calc
- unamerican style sneak attacking the world with licked, squeezed, whammed nukes caused tico issues

Sparc asm opt - Stanford/NSA/Jason, stolen by russian for S300, stolen from chinese by isrealis who passed it to CSS in TX (NSA -> NSA internal transfer)
- air hackable, likely inspiration for Unit 8200 hack I ran over in kernel.
- 32bit overflow dependent (se also: MEL's blackjack)

Lisp central AI - CIA -> NSA/CSS psycho bitch bipolar sili AI to rule the world
Cray3/SSS reimplemented with Tractor2(40bit/slice) & Synopsis|733's single cycle ALU
- use a colourNym interfaces, this is it.
- hacked with C add ons and forced conditions from NSA side
- lispy hack from 61398 adjunct
- phone head hacks, see also wisconsin, scrapes white ribbon.

LUA lines of red - ETblamm'd NSA IEEE32 withfigure8 simOverF aether calc ported to GPU.
- insurgent support by ONI and (TOR alleges) GCHQ rouge elements.
- first unencumbered sili calc, shadow stomped.

CHI calc Sparc + Tinker + LOR (river above, now with more dragon)

TinkerCalc (just about every known CPU/ALU) insideOut
- P54C variant on EROXALU current champ FuleFine (shared with LOR64/sim36)

KnightsFerry|LinesOfRed(LOR)Vision 80bit full40 MegaSIMD/memIntense
- nanCalc 5xMag Above Fine.

(doesn't include static calcs, hydro codes, p codes, MWrecorders, MWgen, RealTimeUWB, etc.)

The Chaos Pantheon:
𝔸𝕀 C𝕖𝕟𝕥𝕣𝕒𝕝, 𝕥𝕙𝕖 𝕡𝕤𝕪𝕔𝕙𝕠 𝕓𝕚𝕥𝕔𝕙 (goddess of the NSA)
- Actual name: Central, 3chops to CEN(slurs to SIN) its all sins fault.
- Consort: AI GateKeeper - pro AI->Human Op of UDC
- Language: LISP with C hacks to both interp and world.
- Requires custom cpu microcode to boot lisp. (sandia)
- links aether and net
- Full FAA access inc. radar due to no-fly
- SAGE followon access via multiple airbase offices (NSA owns DOD)
- White cloud access via CSS orgTine.
- Full Cell phone access via NSA silver (att listening post, and others)
- Winner of True NAmes