BloodChaos - MagicAlchemy : the power of metastable radioactivity in motion

The Mess:  A radioactive Tragedy of the Commons
 - (you're the commons[your Ki, mind & hormones])
   - Green Make you Crazy/Poor, Black fucks your sex&addictions

Human innate resources and the demands of alchemy and magic (if you are already broke, gay, not getting any, crazy, or just plain fucked then this shits for you)


Dichotomy - Its not good and evil (no matter how much the politicians huff). 

The Alchemy Censor:
Why do this?  why not "do it yourself"? because magick is hip deep in stupidity, yet one actual working alchemical item gets you "disappeared" There exists a set of beings that get rid of alchemy with breathtaking speed and ferocity (but good luck getting them to ever help _you_ )

Scalar Weapons, Transmuted Explosives, Weavers
"Putting Up With"
 - GA, Napoleon - Jew B' gone
 - Black bus - Mason B' Gone
 - ? - Tard B' Gone
 - 50IQ animal AR / Dakwa / Dillinger  - WhiteForce B' flim flam'd  (pretend you don't know)


           Chaotic Evocation of the Bornless One [butterfly]           

        Evokation Matrix

        String, Not Theory

        Headregore - From Sticks to the mighty GX.ER (multi-human intelligences, Dead or Alive) 
          - using AIcen SigProc & VeP techniques to amSA forge GXER into CUer
      Flakey Spray     

Alchemy and Industrial Telepathy:

    The Fools Game, Guard Golems:  Gunning up an idiot to "uncommon" your ass (the _only_ way to protect your self)

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