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Crowley & "Satan Rape Divorce"

Re-arranging the Mass to push all the right button all the wrong ways.

Pushing buttons "Forwards, with subtext" is considered "Poison"   (not exactly truth in advertisingTM, but not exactly wrong either, closer to roofies in action)

Liber DiamondsInTheSky

Crowley Was A goddess:

Bear Rape Cancer , Ngyuen Rape Leak, etc.

The four horses of the Apocalypse:  The Truth Shall Set you Free

-  #1  Crowley's favorite:  Babalon  --- clears the gay Annuki "Ki" main Q supplier
-  #2  The Astrologer:  Saturn = rocky fields/astroids/fords --- clears the white piling (truth hiding in BS) of both the Elysian CR.LT.OR and the Dakwa Boat.
-  #3  The Patriarch:  CT.Z  (coat chop), remove the matriarch's mind blank.
-  #4  The African:  Obatala/St.Germain:  "White" (make sure the whiting isn't pointed at something important)

Surviving Blueing

 - Jam In

 - BI fixes

::::::::::::::::::::::::  'Surounding'

- Keeping the idiot from doing an action word that is being used for button pushing 
   - i.e.  'rape' is not a direct command (as far as is known there isn't a green reason to commit rape), but a button push to bump Teteo out (push her buttons about rape).
      - pushing a Goddess's buttons doesn't seem fair or honorable until she fucks you over pointlessly, then it turns into the far lesser evil.

Wrapped 'catch' phrases:

- Satan.Rape.Divorce  (so if it does get 'run'/committed it becomes a concrete action against a concept, plausible, and pointed in a 'safe' direction )

- Spruce.<actionverb's>.Cancer.Short  (wrap cancer so JF17GX doesn't decide to TI fuck you into the grave)

Goddess Fashion:

 - boys: green pants / green belt / black shirt / johndeere green/white hat
   - TheBrownTransistion:  1 day of Brown Shirt (no women, and another 48 hrs w/o) -> Yellowshirt w/RedBuckle -> Blackshirt w/bownbelt 
      - Don't poke her jealousy, and she's hot so amp/meth full. (its an adrenal run, derp)

 - girls (have a much harder time controlling) 
   -  A Blouse is them, but a shirt is yours:  Are you a woman or a (gay/hidden) man today? [don't answer that until you've played both sides]
   - flip side: can wear stack of fashion jewelry with  Significance  without being socially unacceptable.


The Great Work   VS.   The Final Solution