TR/U MA/GI/C - The fall of American Masons, Meddlers and Ops

Rock Paper Scissors with the most bastard idiots in the world.

- From the Billionaire Flyer hobnobing with the CIA and doing deals, to the Public Administrator with a 2.0 GPA trained to an exurb road

How AN's Pantheonic rolodex and the NA SkyKnight (WorldPurple, unhindered '13-'52) took the world to undreamed of heights, only to be squandered by the Majestic-12 Bureaucracy and California's Sclerotic Liberalism in a squabble over who could keep their people the most ignorant.
(aka the clueless prudes victorianized the modern world).

Notes on Black: there are no effective black (un-op'able people) there are shades of brown [little shit, big shit, deep shit] (or 59's "black to you/us/wi/mi")
- As one Xylene put it: $10 Million/Day in damage is cheap to talk to God(s) Direct.
  [for a corporation, that can get +10% efficiency from aether (or 100% extra with grandpappy directing the drill)]

Yellow Obstructionism:  Beating the button pushers at their own game (out the pushers, get rid of as many buttons, propagate truth, and remove old)
Lie types:  LevelBending (say something about another level that doesn't hold at current, can happen accidental)
                 KittenKillSwapping (kill the kitten and claim you killed the flakey guy/star)
                 ForcedPerspectiveVaulting (everybody knows money is cheese, then count the number of actual cheese slices)
                 ChopLie (Soundbyte decontexting, clear the important condition [I hate her hair]  )   
                 Techno (just flip the histamine believe mindwave)      
                 TalkThrough (use an intermediary who "knows" the lie to be true)

Other End -- The Usual Suspects (resaon for the season and all that)
-- TheWhiteExpanseOfConstellation (800lb tard gorilla that everybody hates to fuck for their lives)

-- SignsAndSymbolsOfTheRockWhackers (extremelypuredivision) [hairah's right so owley's left (the house)]

-- YoMother (is so fat she fuck the electioneer)

--- Points Reasonable Are few and far between. (the mechs are cool)

--- Everybody Else

In the middle of this somebody made note of every move a man could hope to make.
  (So the Engineers could Design the perfect game theory for their computers to magic up)