Tracing the redirectors:

  She.Random:  I need the receipt   [after gay/nigger close?]

  I.say: Jew  -  She.DO: go run the white truck for 30 minutes

  I.say: PoliceBrutality - She.Say: YourNotSafeInForiegnCountries
    - Secondary: MasonWorshipingGovernemtStupidity [TR,<policeLove> / Ycup] (note: actual TR requires off world calculation) - svlr 

  I.say: AmphibiousPlane (Donier?) - she.Say: I wonder When they are going to close this Safeway, it cant be making money next to walmart (!!!).

::  I.say: GX, gem  - She.Do: give away a bunch or stuff (shoe shelf & bread machine) [at 3am, she gets out bed to do this]

  I.say: rubber, leather, synthetic  -  she.DO: her nails, and clean up the storage [2am]

  I.say: "ELO-don'tbringmedown" playing - she.Say: we have supper

  I.say: they stupid  - She.Say: of course they evil, evil is stupid.
    (the two insidious vaults:  Honor is tellingTruth and Stupid is Evil )
        ---  The follow on:  GodIn means goddess sane? hmmm
  I.say: solar (road pv glass) - She.Say: go move the steps

  I.say: squad - She.Say: I don't need a self driving car, except to go to the dentist

  I.say: Drudge report - She.Do: go write a letter about credit card.

  I.yell: his name mean tough  - She.Say: <derp>  (It cannot possibly be hearing as I yelled it at 2' distance) Mega.BI.EB<not fam>.

  I.Say: throw a cell phone through the portal  -- She.Say: <in her sleep> would you like to go .  (cats -> cellphone?  WTF?)

  She.CantSay: Fit, Flick

  I.yell, I used the brush (on boots)  --  She.CantHearShit (even though she could hear everything a couple hours before) 

 I.say (while she sound asleep): one left -- She.Say :  yeah! : start to take a shower  -- run to take a piddle

  Topic:  Coup   She.Say: you should see the size of X's tiller (rototiller, I'm sure that what the other side was meaning)

  Topic:  Kitty / Gas (oline?)

  Topic: cold weather - Polar Vortex  "" pohwar votek  (somebody so ronery?)


-----Other oddballia
 - exercising in the kitchen when bad shit happens
 - opening the windows everytime theres an event

  - the cheese, drudge, 

  - carry (thePL)

  - Time [JF]

  - _SOUL_ [ Stone, wood, metal(welded piece)] , {Target/RC} [ (mortar)/cement, leather, lux] [break, gore, snuff]] , [Operation""] mg(""mircale), feed(tough), water, [Homes]: /// , [Def(fence/wall)] , Aurum
       Kadamon"ish , happy, rep

        ,,,,,,,,, hungry, eat/food , door [inc. standing at / opening / etc.]

--- NB:
 - Mason worships government -> advanced masons change the government (coup, ballot stuffing, etc.)
 - Negro worships greatwhitecloud -> Rev. Tutu won't serve a non-gay god (receptive only, but the idiot forgot lies and mason OU ing).

:::::::::::::::::::: WarPiggy stuff
 - buttons: cold,sniper,dishonor