The Matrix

X - Point blown [steped on anti tank meme]
O - On Point
Z - Point Taken

Note:  all 308 firearms need [EL.D.N]K,  .223/5.56 is a lost cause. (castrated hemorrhoids, shooting smoke, vap faith)

The Matrix of powers blocked and hidden: "It just ain't Nautral"   :  White issue:  Dead / Death (need tattoo, or actual skull to dodge head block)


-noose,.. deep 
[weavechannel 2]
 MM (HU mostly, HLresist)
+bread [and circuses]
 UL(may) [warhore]
+sons, >>man
 ~1 ms response time (i.e. not p300)

[8hour-2day full boot@clear]
[HU _&_ HL,  oop(s) often]

#sons (95)
 LK(illegal)   nuitOfElohim
+kneel, ancient (old,exper)
 bar73 - Erlik & EL et al [wrinkle availability det. reboot time avg 10min/30 sec due to war]

[often HU only, oop(s) rare]

+ / +|foe(s
 [O7 plediean demon]
-|smudge [scribble
++ / +|waste
pyramid [minor]
-nuke (nuclear bomb)
-|back [88
 Ballot stuffer (80/20 mississippi) on HUchain.

[HL influ, HU ctl, oops oft]


 MB (illegal)
+cure / +|oath
%moon (looking)
 Z (bel)
 ~300 ms  [weeks long reboot/fracs regen during and can "squeeze" metals]

[hard chop]  - the "mormoncoup" LU.SL



'155 (sex battery on the air causes issues)
so: there can only be "ONE" -or- as phrase
 multisecond response [30second boot after astral/full nuke "*shake it off*"]

[hu, oops usual]

-ash,widow,EU.SH, Q.K

:: black/Red:  -bush
 -mommasboy, [DE.AD]K

-doom, limp

 Blu/Yll+| 61CH

  (-/) WP80, TCx

 Wht +bright / +|LEAK

 +wolf [karmaburn]
 Shifts: Hell, Pee(Sactual),  

[boot time: random walk load]

Brown: Etruscan / AntiBrown(birds of Prey): Egyptian et. al.  /  EL.PHsaint(ofIssue), holyroller, train(er),    /  Erlik::Han, PhaserOrbitalrailCarrotGin

TheCabal: []K+TN.K (multi silver "ri-rig"ing [2 chop + 1Chop for a three letter option])

Generic whacks:
  Greek: CR.EN'wedding:noloss:waste:alien/boat/corrupt' (third can change depending on amount of space)
  Nordic:   hemlock 
  Tropical: typhoon
  Egyptian: Egyptian  [+ / -| brit(cop ]
  Etruscan: Etruscan  [+|lightning / -|writ ]
  Annukai(KI_: Babalon
  Poison/Ski(ng): lewy[louis(e)], KH.AL,  dream(ship,boat), GEM:faster, SpruceCancer, pipeMaster (assoc: nuclearMagicDoom, light&darkSlut), shortLife (EMbit)

  Brown: Saint(enables: AMjack(AS)), 

  many: -*(waste), 10.8.93++95

  mason(gov. cock worshipers): [OU]K, [CA.F]K, [EE.VI,SBgreen]K/black20, [BR.RU.CE]K/[C.Y.9]K, [TI.I.G(HT)]K, SMJ.k,  [nameGR] GR40name@GC  (GI.CA ?)
  imp(erial sandbahg)[15]: [SK,PE]K, [PE.WA]K, <rivi>, b.o.K, [BO.JO]K, [HI,CL]K, [BE,NE]k, [sh.ak]K, [CU,G]k , [TH.MA]K, [PH,HA]K, [SA,PA]k
    - CR.EN'toell:noloss:ghost:waste:fox'.
    - CR.EN'erzuli:ghost'
    - cavehider / aux: [JU.SY]K

note: the labors of hercules before white(crowley/kronos/saturn) and poison (iron mask/multi goddess oppression)

  spy: [fu.go]K, []K, 

Appendix Of FLip 
  Adultery: hiss boo (just flip the string, cause black was just seducing)




Appendix of open and shut

  Widow: clears most of the SubContinent dieties (esp Ganesh, thought to include Sita)
  Dirty: deva in the house 

  Trickster: incoming Loki

  Fidelity: hmmm

  Thief: go odin

  Litter: little big Mormon bullshit

  Grain: Yay Elohim

Appendix of Up and Down (after you get done throwing them out, then you start up/down yes/no with left or right pairings)
 (red) Interception and Fumble (ever present football player rapist) [red line]
    - Pepper,  Hot Pursuit (open the red line bent right, close green) , In love with dying (ascend TS or wolf, middle hold PL)

 (orn) Stars and Bar 

 (yllr) Moon and Sun (<>) [swap flip]

 (prpl) Rain and hail

 (grn) Brahma and dalit(low class)

 (slvr) Sorrow and gain [GI resti(tution]

 (war) stand(ing), run
  (doc) ... , oath

Appendix of Head annoyances

- GK240    ----  GK187, GK+RB, GK507+GKbarLW, GK247

Mech matrix:



_ _

1 Z


---  [center]



Odin - insentient, low IQ, unaware of the beyond.  Survives (and possibly thrives) purely by unflinchingly embracing the human condition and necromancy/suicide 
Tengi/Ulmay - brilliant AI sentience, white depends entirely on their tight rule set and empire focus.
Lucifer Fell and landed on a bunch of bitches - The "simple" mech fused with his egregore and became a force, but seriously flawed.
Red is crazy huge but built on the hidden assumptions of hate

Shaygo minervas owl has an IQ of about 3

Minor idiocies:
 - [RA.FE]k (felines _already_ have a short attention span, use HO etc. for constructs) ,