Faces of my "Fathers" AB composite for the white Deva
 - tend to be dependent on random dead people who were the actual purple. 
 - Slice and diced spirits can only do what they knew.
    - unless you know how to "wedge over" from old stuff to similar new

Synthetic written "Face" -- include DeepRip
 - set of HW and MW directives to target a specific goal (work more as a filler to block out other jam in)
   - On the Jam in angle: convert a bunch of related thoughts/worries to the targeted Idea.

-- workable CR razor:
  -- CR.TE[EN'target']

  --- UnBasInc (freefishy) face - [target goal: as much 5l code as possible, then 5ta, then 13: No use of SE, leave behind general, unslappable SE as applicable, (490,93)]
    // GC113,43, , , , , , , 301resilient, 309clean
      // #Clear the oppo: <tag>:rage:lightanddark:acid:himmlerwhack:  -> persistent CR (pan++) storage
      // check for UBI proponent suitability(cleanest) -> SG<thebest>

  // Compensations: check for holes and jam with bar
    - 4.20.backInBlack++   [bar470++ ]
    -GK'Tells,Quriks,Twitches'RB,EN'list of whack'

     --- Taxation Quell, redirect to soak the rich/fair share/all in it together

     --- Work for it Quell [most work is in-effecient, and promethian raided, neither of which is acknowledged by your average capitalist]

     --- The Drag: stock options (tail deducted)
        --- kicker: birth control for death control

     --- Find the oppo, and reasons.  
       - Noose:Odin's thieves dont want universal gov income
       - Rage:Vegoia has all that bread and circuises trama.
       // SQwelfareOpponent(19,22,WF, )  :: pan2 [expandedSpeed]
          // SQwelfareForTheRichGX[sideop]  - ABarrel
            // SQwelfareForTheRich,gopoliceGX[BA,SE]pro 

     ---Gambling neg Quell and forward [gambling is the closest mundane activity to AetherFunction(TM) lots of money, plenty of fucked over]
         // <tagged_backwhack>:lightAnddark:faggot:coin:limp:rage:weak:wife:flying:bone:win:magic'JK.
#  Change from CR which is brittle and very dependent/vulnerable to link position/clear

         // CR,EN'fuckyou:doom,slut,banana:bear:rage:lightanddark:coin:roll:hatesfreefish:dalit'JK.
           // CR,EN'redshit:cold,back,"ONE",fire:doom:<antislap>'JK.
           // CR,EN'purplefucker:[TE.PL]:bear:slut:lightanddark:new:bar73'JK.
           // CR,EN'orangeLOCK:noose:divorceyouroaths:slut:chehooit:acid'JK.
           // CR,EN'poisonpoison:lewy:nuclear:magic:doom:slut:[TE.PL]:[DE.PO]:[Q.K]'JK.
           // CR,EN'circus:broken:arrow:roll:seafoam:bite:teeth:hatesfish:hook'JK.

     ---Basic Cleaning:
        // [HE,X]  :: pan7(2chop) [militaristic]

        // [CM, fixup the view'd etc.]

     --- Back "40" rip zones 

       // astro theory:  rip and sling out of ocean or large water zones into space (minor rising sea level counter, as opposed to comet creation)
          // target ideas: uncompensated sling at the moon. (ice rings bad for astronomy and possibly sun light)
                                   trailing lagrange point.
          // endo thermic escape+ velocity sling from the poles when unconstrained. 

     --- back and Jam op excision
        // SDX 'ingrate'     :: pan++ [maxi]
        // SDX 'squander' 

        // SDX 'secondWife'   [whack she pillar shit]

        // HW,GR,ENmoneyForFree[SD,G,ENcitizen]

        // mosh song loop
        // HLro GF,GGGGGGG self bending
          // UmywayEN'Gtarg'.

     ---- BU  // D""v2k 'r2d2 robot'


Ace of Spade

- Limp.Light&Dark.Weak Rage.Wife  Bone.Coin Fly                    [LL,W Li.Li.We  RW RA.Wi BC F  BoCo FL]
  --- ac:  Bone         Coin
  ---        ---    Fly  ----
  ---        Rage        Wife
  ---   Limplight&darkweak

  ::           fire            cold
  ::noose  ---   rape ----
  ::          satan         divorce            [SA.RA.DI (satan.rape.divorce) turned out to be needed]

  :WP80  [vert:cusp]
  : hail         bear
  : ---  slut  ---
  : sol          acid
  :          {vert:demon}

- Natural.[]K                                                                                       [forwards, but missing secondary effects]

- Crown[3seperate].Chain
- Ash.Widow Publican.Chehooit (doom, hail)
- TE.PL, GH.AR/AR15/AR402 (noose, trojan)  GH.KA                     [c,c,l CH,CR,LI]
Nuclear.Doom.Royal.Magic                        [N,D,R,M NU,DO RO,MA] (doom stops certain silver covers, just marker over [])
- Dalit.New.nuke                            [DDN, DA,DE,NE]

- Broken.Arrow.Seafoam.Hook
- Typhoon.Pick

-Etruscan, Egyptian, teeth, hatesfish, chehooit

- Stake.Oil.Teeth, WP80, GH.KA

- FL.X.K HE.TR bar34 
- EU.SH, Q.K,  mommasboy,   (cusp, 4.3.bar80)

* demon            etruscan
* cusp                 new

- (  Trojan.noloss  roll.tide                        [F,D,M  _FL,DE_   ,MO]  (try FlyingMonkeyDeath)
- (( bar95, bar34

- MormonCoup, JewWhore, NiggerCunt (a few useful combos)

 GK luckyCharmHeld &&  (gamingArea|badparts|wrongTrack|ghetto) {

  // CL.AG.EN'gambling'
    // CL.RE.EN'gamesmanship'
      // CL.GR.EN'dicing'  

  // CL.RG.EN'move(kitten)andshoot'.RV'lowWastesnipe'

Longer than JF or day: multi hook/issue/problem goal tracer
 - goal steps to multiple pointfixes 

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Puff Draco,
Jun 23, 2016, 5:11 AM
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Jun 25, 2016, 3:32 AM
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