ES - "Slap" to destructively "setup" a purple link so that you force a "rescue" 

Known Slappers: Sita [tail fucking], tawusmalik [reputational most], arianrhod [criminalize, original frameup]

 -Sejong: SimOn (get the stringers: Crown&Chain)
 -Sita: Ash, Dalit, Widow, _anti wife concepts_, felatio, aphrodite
 -arianrhod: doom, penis, 
 -"T" tawusmalik - aka "Lucifer" backwards, "satan" is the usual word.

 -Aiwas banana, teeth

 - (the) Kin [+pea / -whore]
 - witch stake, oil(holy)

Major liars:  the SX crew  
- Ra: egyptian
- Athena: Trojan
- O7: Pleiades, Doom, Royal, Magic, etc.

Other Minor Irritants: Stringers
 - Hera (sloooow slap): chain cuckoo 
 - "WV" Ganesh: widow, bar95
 - Chehooit: Chehooit, 
 - Vesta: Police, church,
 - Verbti: hail
 - Bea: Crown  (most 6's: gay" )
 - chinky: bone

The Poison (men in the Iron mask/Sun King) / White AB Deva matrix (forgotten faces of father) / Constellation / UL / 5Pan"(aerthic cell tower) Stack.
::Central Illinois Doom pagans(ThoriumWrong) [C8, harmonicvoltage,  10.8.93(swappen doom, GRkarma)]
::Hymie town [NY88+32SE, CL88, TE+PL, 'chain']
::93ites [4.1.93 (flip the flip), CR93, "BananaAiwassBite", SA,BE]

- Liars flock, and this is the ultimate in mass lying.