Seven Dirty Words (or more)

- Or -

The white are a bunch of stealth hiders, they abhor Leak [TE.PL is more effective if you have razor, KH2WH if full]

Odin hung himself on a tree to swipe EL's mech so dont say Noose  

[leading to people walking round with the pentagon papers hanging from a noose over their shoulder, draping the tail sitting on the neck]

The islanders are all scared of destructive weather so: Typhoon

Are your Blacks Qabballahic or Negro?  Niggers, Spades and Kike's (oh my)

Both Mormons and Southerners have issues with Coffee (in the blood)

The ultra pure rock whackers are very pure Allhuakbar and Cross .

The midwest red dirt bulls are extremely allergic to mommasboy (and EU.SH whoosh and Q.K quak)

Certain girls react extremely negatively to being a Whore

On certain reservations the implication of servitude is conveyed by squaw

What happened to the gay homosexual?  the world has quite overused faggot (puto/puta is still new, and petuh[петух] goes with wet)

sometimes you get convergence, from the mission bells to the stupas to the nazi die glocke

Some aliens tend to freak out when their saucers have a kinetic failure and Shred

Other aliens and masons have issues with flare (s) [not solar], also, Pick & cusp (cusp supposedly represented by a buffalo/cow skull, right half horn/skull joint, note:4red / the kerensky)

Anbuto has all kinds of alchemy issues with Acid

Hera has issues with Chain

Certain plows(bor) hate
Lick / King 

Nasty blues hate Drown, often as Flamedrown

Some times dirty words(concepts) cross the species boundaries, is known that most porpoises have issues with people who hatefreefish

the death wranglers tend to dislike [de,ad]k

A few others, BC316: goddess jealousy, CR93: red white flip, DG80: fallofsleeptotop, 

you can extend the concept to Gem(atria) numbers:
 ST     3.zzz.20 4.20.113
 EM 3.zz.403    4.403.bar121 EM,DD
 BA 6/50  C8
 PA 3.xx.50(13) EU,SH
 MA    4.501.55 CA+CE

KH+WP or[pop]nasty  [quick reminder - 4.107.bar255 - called a whore so call them a faggot]


The Backwards:

- nuit: lightanddark [+ / (+-)|||corrupt ]
- apollo: fag+coin
- saexnot: limp
- vegoia: rage 
- ma(l)her: weak/prim
- aphrodite: wife, 
- peaches: fly(ing)
- chinky:bone
- inanna:?smoke
- and upside down: JA(trad): win, ronin, 
- most of the enablers: MAGIC

-cops: noloss,  [FL.X]K , jitte (bokken, win) , [HE.TR] , bar34, [OU]K, [TH.SW], [CA,F]K,  [KH.HU.WU] , wolfkiller(baleen tripwire), lewydreamboat, vanrjinK--daywatch,  
 - jew nazi cops (riga 1944): chain, crown, TE.PL, GH.AR, coin, rage, limp  >FR< -- FR.LE to fake,   Slv(Aradia, Astarte, Samedi, Kherty, Cernunnos)
  - might need: bleeder, puto(etc.)

  - nazi / whitey: nautral   
    - BaseCon: SlutBear
    -- White MatrixAbove: Noose Et. Al.
    --- White Stringers For A: 

 - masons:  cusp, magic, cunt, faggot, crown

The Fathers:
 - []K
 - (yuck) TC [many of the "useful" are black/brown]
 - WP80, bar3,, "smoke"
 - tide [slows]

Using an opposing goddess as the bad word:
- EL and Min sitting in the tree k-i-ss-i-n-g (thats some lez there).

O7 twisting:  general (decadent?) GK226, magician, spell
 - gold plated: GK<con>
  - Persephone: GK,RB
   - Minerva(ret.): GK247, GK<love>  [answered by the spin demons strait jacket'd into church suit]
  -ShayOwl: GK<su>, cunt, faggot
   - Dionysus: -royal, GK<idiot>, _GK187_


"wolves don't chew" (see also wolf Killer baleen), GK tobacco 
- chew:GKtobacco:GKwolf:RD,A ([implicit]) :  AV231 / RD230 : [LJ.WG]

The Originals:  Egyptian (bottom row), treefall/ax, waitforpickup(HaleBopPurpleShoesOnRight), White, Boat, Alien, Tie/knot, Typhoon
 - Spun: Lightning,Viper, Gem, saturn/kuiperBelt, ---||guru, 

Sothis: Sirius (Shurley?)