1000 idiots all yelling shoot, in Antish  [a mason thing, esp. Utah&SanDiego]
 - They jam in on the EinSof, so one solution is to DOS back, with a random SG walk
 - Lopermide+Ibuprofen [note, metamucil has a tendency to aggravate]

- Whack torquemada : JEW , GH.NB, EG.ER(assuming he's in a homonuculus)

- Bathorie's idiot: Brass/Bronze
- A couple others: Witch
- Pascal: Reason

::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::Dismantling "IT"s

 - wait for fail
 - GH.IT
 - Auco/Hind kill : 451ENleakWhiteAssasin, CR.LE.AK.K
 - Chopper SP'd

 - Build manipulation  
  -  SA.CA   [JO,CA,SBtwiddle]

======================Cutting loose:  chasing down the ties that bind  [sand(bag)]

- multiple gods/goddess's hold ties
- GA/Mict/Verb/Burn auto FO ti
- the Orange Tard:  GH.HO, GKfelis, I.AU, GH.PO, GH.ER, nuclearDoom, whiteMaster, CR.TN.K (wigMachine)

  :::::::::::: replacing "services"
   - CM

-------------------------- The white list:  place where you could end up stepping in shit

- Area 51
- New Zealand
- okinawa area
- Puerto Rico
- Venezuela 
- India
- Australia