LA - GAther bussing at the highest levels (guess which set of gov flunkies hate gatherings)

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::  Button Pushing your way out:

SheElysian and most Jews:  Engage in Necromancy (GX.ER, gemming, bloodsport, xx.. )

HeElysian:  gotta hit all four gear (shifts)sets - mason, whites, demon and devil

SomethingAboutMary & Sombreo : sexD, pr0n 

PhilCabal :  Roscrusian, 255, notKing, 

Croc :   

--- generics
- Poison  (louis'sCorruptDreamBoat)
- Roscrusian (weddingsNolossWaste)
- Brown (crowley yap, minus the poison)