- the Karmic Burn:  The heavy Magic runs on hate (play with magic and you'll learn to hate it).  Clear the world of hate red and (most) gods die. 
  -- Purple died to "loud, louder, Louder, LOUDER" -> Completely Loco
  -- White died to "NEGATIVEemo, NegEmo, negemo(chipped a nail, freak out)" -> Can't handle _any_ negative (i.e. can't handle life _AT ALL_) 


The glorious priestess Crocadillies nuclear(metal) self immolate in ascendant ritual
The Space settler croc pair lands near friendly aliens and get to work living, when she over eats and self immolates with an iron knife to wrist.
  then, billions later:
Lucifer jumps out of heaven in the self immolation faux pas of the preceding epocs.

4............... somebody installs "pans" the aether benders [cell towers of the gods, level 5+13]

900,000  ubby happens [sabre bequeaths his auto feeder]

400,000 shva sends the elohim his best singing telegram (high gigaton), 
                xenu misses and _BOOM_ (entire ""kpax[templeStarSytem] flattened) [with return to sender and psych tutelage]
                  - thus "the result":   a pan that does GA++<any hate>(any result) [i.e. 1 tinkerer can JI throw an entire civilization]

50,000 current turn begins, including the "compact"

40,000 the power couple does divorce your self (now divorceyourOath)

10,000(bc) Odin runs around mexico making sui(cide) and stealing EL's orange mech (apparently the other 100 odd worlds supported her after XN's miss)

8,000(bc) Somebody gets three lovers killed by Odin's suicide shit and goes full godsmak [whacks EL's green mech sideways]

3,600(bc) ubby does grain guarding, Shu climbs the tower past all compactees.  [pyramid zero point cutter and yack string]

400AD Tng

1000AD intergalactic crash -- fuzzy butt vs. odic suicide headwave. [first paparazzi crash as the sirians tried to smuggle out "freedom"FX as a drug] 

1902AD Crowley's rich husband get laid egregore rocks out.

1940 - 1960 quite a few galactic crashes due to Odic suicide on AM radio. (first reptilian crash)

1960 - 1980 American bad seed: blasting megaton nukes on the space fence.

Unk time:

  Bad seed with full gigaton nukes and other nasties howtos blasting loud [original riding dirty]