CommSym siy-say -- system-7 (w american accent) -- AKA the English _Runes_

Note: All _Shifts---Shuffles_ are implicit the whole point of raw7 is to _not_ pollute [ (DA DE F) (RA Y) (DW LK)  being the limits]

Also: JC is explicitly a "nop" (no meaning), but it is considered polite to yell IN JC before doing something "godly"

--Concepts Hidden: (RA7 is about every[90%+]move a Magi can make w/o being an Aether Physics Major or Above expert)
maxy - majesty, MJ-12, mag+, timebending, elma - ELectro MAgnetic, grel - gravtics
(the flipside is the more Orange known, the more precise[EFective] one can be, the more Green the more power)
(Yellow is NLP for above, note that negging a high powered entity is dangerous)
(Yellow Power: when no one is watching nastiest bitch wins)

Hours: 1-12 symbolic
Minutes: message (1-60/00)
Seconds: 10's shift (nop-5)


~ - flip   [usually maxy tech, a few people can BIo flip]
` - prime LI(nk) [99.9999 fine/artificial]
! - AetherNeg, !! noiseOnly (MWwh) [15 DDOS]
^ - uberREsh [music shapr, ArtNotSex ]
* - star'


A - alpha (point) [construct]

B - to be

C - orig. Bend, Car-turn Mus-tune

D - mouth dear(expensive)

E - squeek

F - fuck

G - dop(ple]

H  - (YHVH, YY, often pronounced with the subst. Adonai or Lord)

 I - switch (flipS)

 J - hook

K - neg

L - Seriph

M - 'him' [as in "get 'm"]

N - nit [knight]

O - receptive ("gay" / flip  [came from receptive, drifted])

P - spray (thhhbbbt)

Q - 007

R - out [are]

S - weather [HeadWave] leak

T - dit (phalic implied) [often hop(red, 1chop)]

U - op [not "native", "bend it" thought]

V - five [ Cur. car ]

W - both op [head & bed]

X - Furl [ does not mean death ], at back: black

Y - kill (YY - YHVH)

Z - snooze-omega

---- Alpha set (animal majors)

AA - antiaircraft  : britishEmblem - orange tabby[male, always]

AB - fatherS (of the month),  [ "fathers" aka ancestors, heavily skews Enochian  ]

AC - AirCon

AD - science monkey [ vs. belief ]

AE - Aether (coloq. SCH nerd)

AF - fly [like a bird, like a plane, like a junkie]

AG - argentum
AH - all terrain

AIzz - egregore after U shut

AJ - dig [gold]

AK (actual)  [as in you _should_ actually talk to the einSof and do it your self(so you know the limits) ]

AL - all,  aluminum

AM (morning wood)

AN (of the moon throne)  [targeted: sideSly only (forward op and it kills, backward op and it poors&opens, sideways dumb and it trips)]

AO - Ai sedai

AP - news (pierces bs armor)

AQ - rank order [head power explicitly overides bed power]

AR - szarzy (sharpened stick) [weapon (white), lance, whittled, later AR-15]

AS - ass

AT - All Terrain

AU - Star [not "plan"nt] (related: Sou(l)], gold

AV - ET see

AW - (4x4)  All weather / all terrain   [superJA / "mirror" / CR.AW.K of shit (filterable) ]

AX - 10 (Alpha Circuit)

AY - Officer

AZ - OpKi

---- copoff set

BA - Baliff

BB - danger

BC - ez

BD - load[ed]

BE - HoR[net queen, NB hos]

BF - Friend

BG - Enemy

BI - Biological

BL - BuLLshit (magic, stuff that couldn't be)  [that was BLshit using MJ to hide]

BS - BullShit (blowhard kind)

BO - dirt

BR - spanish lullaby (cold, lo fk)

BU - ghostly

--- Operat set
CA - flake

CB - key ( the mike  [talk shift])  [keys are emo shifts, often dirty]

CC - explosi

CD - Conductor (of bop orchestral "instruments") (inf flip of gg, not in the fields)

CE - piano

CF - rock

CG - coastl

CH/Cz0 - Hay

CI - Virg [en]   (carSpeak: all the serials match, not the odometer)  [Hint: AK for stuff ]

CL - colour

CM - power

CO - Emo (op,  B chan op A/B/+)

CR - cur/crood/chinared  [goes well with other white]

CT - Coat  [explicitly not "counter -ter", see MI] often infernal

CU (cooper) [barrel/tank]

CZ - total [insured for more than loss]

----sexop set (recapitulated as DecNet, so computers "were"[humanish])

DA - *(actual massive slur) coloq. cumdumpster  [among other things, hides illegal links ]

DB - D(e)F,  coloq. "memory" [have to yell so loud they "know"]

DC - direct current ["one shot", "measure twice"]

DD - girl [often little] (coloq. noncing)

DE - *, coloq cum spray, ["heOrgas"m]  ("UnBoot" see early MicSft browser election proto)

DF - Finish ["sheOrga"sm ] (depends on knowing brain reboot protocol, se he)

DG - powerFuck [lama/talkshoot] (see linuSamba"33" browser election)

DH - american imperial (designated hitter)

DI - headSex

DO - Doe

DP (thrsm)

DR - drama, [MB/doctor drama as well]

DS - dis [cipline] 

DV - high disable

DW - deathwatch

---- tool set
EA - Game  [orig: has game, not only sex, opposite of has AE (nerd/Aether)]

EB - Fam jam" (filter [effect due to prox]),  "shift xtra"

EC - ecuirel (squirrel)

ED - Edge [separators, almost done, etc]

EE - Radio  [slurs heavily, inc. "that bit."]

EF - effective

EG - breaking a (yolk, slurs to ring chewing despite being explicitly anti WH, which is anti BI to the hilt)

EHz0 - "?"

EI - farm

EL - 11bongo

EQ - equine

EM - "equal"   -- jak'd by marianne

EP - epic, ExtendedPlay (full open)

ER - Imperial (Emperor)

ES - Slap (encounter)

ET - fuck you ("forgot to mention")

EV - judge (expected value)

EU -  Bus

---- Magci
FA - full assist

FB - "shift shitt"

FC - lez

FD - wo-r

FE - SheMoggy  : britishEmblem - black(or B&WH) cat[female]

FF - drippy

FHzz - flash

FI - fizz

FL - flatline

FU - riding shot

FZ - freq. (rez), not fizz

-- Hairy
GA - Gather

GB - god se

GC - (to) give

GD - name

GE - rat

GF - head

GG - garden (gnome)
GHz - death (A)

GI - swap

--*GL - glam

GK - doppleTruth (no conglom)  [you cant handle the truth!(minorityreport sucks)]

GO - leave

GN - Gin (inc. occult uses), grand national/ high power   [ ""V2K - req Fable/Lore for concept ]

GR - grade

GQ (fuckin ar[ound])

GX KarmicNercormancy (death magic, human only) [thought to be UN-counterable until superMayo,
                                                     kitten killing is (fake)73 for Idiot sacrifice(em to Keisaku but with out the cool, tech:predator kill/bloodshed), which will get AK'd
                                                     spilling blood(actual HSapien) is simple, tampons, selfcutting, hangnail lip etc]

GY  -  StringSpit (TM)

GZ - kiss (Judas)

---- Power (Aether) Set [req. string reset]
HA - string

HB - helbor [power shift]

HC - (crystal set)

HD - hardpan (diatuim)

HE - radionics f

HF - grep [orig. patch]

HG - mercury

HHz0 - "huey" (air cover)

HI (hig)

HK - hac

HL - is _IN_ (full pomp)  [jams everyone so its "right"]

HO (wh)

HS - Mindfuck (elma leaks cause guns, so the entire H set piles into the DO BL causing AE SE, and tada - earthshattering kaboom)

HU - fuck you (coloq.),  Loop, loop, oop(s)

HV - GN extra

HW - headwave / weather

 IB - "touch"  (girl shift [squatted by InfiniBand to hide WP])
 IS - Isis [hard to not slur ot I S]

_IA  - Iowa
_IC  - vis
_ID  - kn
_IE  - import
_IG  - igor

_IR - Ire (anti)

---- fishen set
 JA - jap style [upside-down, backwards and Fully defined (some wicked stringing to get that)]

 JB - speaker

 JC - nop [in-dicator]

 JD - bible dude

 JE - struggle (jihad)

 JF - day [blink of an I""]

 JG - jag
 JHzz - dream op

 JI - t.k.d. / muay thai

 JP - JPL, kerosine

 JO - jo mamma (hooked)

 JQ - "Gun Gill" full mojo [table, under the]  ) jake, fell in(

 JU - JUW, cheap-out, [empty]

-- full RC
KA - soul

KB - Wing  - (lasting egregore,  AL, non-inherit, SLconvg.).

KC - stright (down under)

KD - known distance

-- KE - hush

-- KF - nun

-- KG - king

KHzzz (lack of KA[actual, no hopped up egregore], flatlined, beheaded dragon, sleep the long sleep)

KI - coloq. "Guv" (cool annunaki)

KN - know

KQ - Conq. (snail shell, blow for trumpet) / Shell (shelter)

KR - stomp

KU - king op/tac

----dirt sset
LA - Labyrinth  (interleave everyones head -usually with sex- to hide HI details)

LB - Heavy

LC - "Hi"jack , , elsie [cow]

LD - Lethal

LE - cupric [legal edge]  (no moggies involve, ever) [usually refers to dopamine beta-hydroxylase ]

LF - "lift" [tertiary]

LG - Heavy (large)
LHzz - whose uze?

LI - Lie, Life

LJ - lifejournal ["your" piece of akashic]

LK - AN  neg op,  "war op",  (death) ["backwards" op'ing]

LR - long range, missed/shoot again, last (w)rites

LT - lightning

LU - det (ective)

LW - "law"

LZ - in the AR

MA -  "string mother", maskirovka [chameleon vaginuse ]

MB - "Doctor" (MD's aren't all that)

MC - mast cer (OZ)

MD - no use

ME - se(ol)

MF - mofo

MG - Mag [igian]

MH - master hand

MI - pointer to me("them" pointer switch)

MJ - Majesty12 (MAXY vs ELMA), et [fundamental misunderstanding of the world and subliminal programing]

MO - Monkey (see, do)

MT - "daily" (grind)

MW - mindwave  (arch. "mae west lp")

MZ - "me" (BI)

NA  (backside of arkaim)

NB - note ben

NC - no consent

ND - quiet area


NF -  Stern (like JC)

NG - no good
NHzz00 - hot n' bother 
NI - nitro/new in

NP - NamePlate (aka plaque[non-infernal/3d], but without rotten [teeth])

---- Old DOm set
OA - king when II

OB - gay shift

OC - occupy "lwa"

OD - old dominion (Stuarts)

OE - Rage

OF - off

OG - "the" op
OH  pain

OJ - fuck

OM (meta tator)

OP - operator ["native", thinks in Usu code (room temp logic IQ)]

OR - think flip / rely on ExPerience  //// actual Jrod O.R.

OU (opun)

PA - "dad" (RF)

PB - "shift spray" slurs to throw lead [diff. important, <>-qt-Vibr-qtPB]

PC - sinker [lead, or FB/PB combo kicked in and its TP time (WCRD|MCBA)]

PD - candy

PE - demon 8 (of the day)

PF - slut

PG - "not"

PH - "power" (hop) [jamming in as "sun"]

PL - pearl  (irritated/old/gay white), "Pearl Shift"
                [non-AE gems, a-saffron, b-filigree(silver), c-angel, d-air, e-ebon, f-satin(green), g-plas(orange), po-coral(pink)]

PN - penny/pin (pin using cupric/dopamine)

PO - "white soul", poor (what happens after the white ribbon) [chi hun/po cloud/white "soul" spiritual/animal mind/body ] [dragons always flip]

PR - procedure [mag op]

PU - purr [*]

PW - pa(w)

00 - prime prime VE
QZ - nop


---- conflating rape with outing is irritating to say the least
RA - attack [usually represented as a sword, thus leading to dick jokes]

RB - rapist (sexual Battery)  [not the only way to be out, and it attracts KR, roba and prison op, often done to create a fake "AL" so: CR.AL.K or pipe ]

RC - hoss

RD - radar

RE - (red up)

RF - radioFreq

RG -  has plaque/tablet(infernal) attached (extremehard to lie, watch the teeth too), see also NP
RH - qt-unqt-win

RI - are eye(I am) (ri rig - are I am dopple aka I am god)

RO - Row(boat,think against feeling, [I hate to get up in the morning, but I do]), sometimes used as "flip", but rare, and likely to blow up

RT - rat2 (first goody 2 shoes non-rule fuck)

RU - wrinkle

RV - lose

--- WeatherSet (both ways wa wa)
SA - Weather Clear [head, then bed] -> white out the sg

SB - "Quiet shift" [bed, vibrateChan]

SC - weather thought [science]

SD - BringWeather -> [radio] storm dance  (create a mote in gods eye)

SE - "thun"der (AE crack from "we"apon)  [not SElinux, the NSA swan song in flask architecture ]
SF - weather clear[verb], "shift" [eleven tertiary]

SG - weather op

SH - shuffle [usually onto someone else]

SI - yes

SJ - "is" (oft. secret)

SK - "hiding" (BS out)

SL/LS - slow / (is) fast   [BI theta whack]

SM - (op control)

SN - tin (circuit)

SO - Loader

SP - egregore special - MightyWing  (inheritance, converging, etc.)

SQ - seeker

SR - Stone, Stoner [st taken by stick, "qrst"]

SS - "lig"htning (Flash, potential discharged) [se also KV]

ST - stick  [more than five]

SU - stupid   [BI hipocampl mem K+(BI ion) drain (trad: left side)]

SV - drum

SW - ancient ("The")  [40K++ ] multi-cycle

SX - not sex

SY - devil (on duty)

SZ - siz?

----- Manly man (no cats involve)
TA - see also LS (aka fast woman)

TB - bio-fem  (consumption joke goes here)

TC - wilted ("erectile dysfunction @CritJunc"),  coloq. sack fail

TD - virgin

TE - razor

TF - box

TG - tranny
THzz - hiss flips to goosh

TI - tar

TK - ticket (usually to be fucked) ["didn't buy the ticket, don't want the ride"]

TL - tineSrf [tmpTRlite]

TN - tine (sausage fest)

TO - pull back(tow) [by special appointment]

TS - top secret

TT - tet/tit

TR* - TRIpod ("Support") [synthetic, calculated/2nd light min.]

TW - hetsex (orgasm causes "sys" LA)

VA - UngrizzledOfficer, (to be Flag Grade),  coloq. Colonel 

VB - Water [fire water for booze V.A.B for hiqa(l) whiskey]

VC - Broke (rained-hailed / washed out / walletPoor)

VD - herp (Hero swagger to Slut, with result)

VE - vespers 7th hour of the seventh day of the seventh year of the seventh millenium [split]

VF - Dead (war casualty)

VG - Vigil
VHz0 - hand of (god)

VI - Visual (see also AP)

VO - apostate, sexually

WA - "Water" "happy" (cold happy/endo xanax)

*WB - "weather bong"

WC - loo   (extreme case of WC accident aka "Climate Change", JQ)

WD - wood [if its tight wd-40, loose duct tape]

WE - (15ish)han --- base egregore (ephimeral, low data rate)

WF - wiff

WG - "wag"
WHz - genius

WI - not WE  ("three [way more than], "SY.soup, [point + tac/assist + stack]  SY.sixIN )

WN - wink

WP - op spray, williepete, smoke

WU - forged (coldIron)

WY - "wife" []


XI - not used [flip - flip ("both ends")]


YC - [poison control]
YE - out of commission
YO - fire  [Yo(d) is FIRE, He(h)/WA is Water, Va(u) is Air and the final He(h) is Earth,  SuitShift]
YS - Headwave Sub(text) negging (""wise) [poison]
YU - yuanfen [small/personal "high" magic (op crash for luck), dragon taming]
YX - [poison int.]


Z is sleep n' Chi

ZI - Zibaldone

ZL - numinous, sacred (ling) presences of the gods  [ Xian ling ]

ZO - lack [ comp  ]

ZZ - 00

-------- 3 chops are officially not part, but are useful for de-looping / "straight" (never using same symbol twice in comm sentence)
[some crude tech only allows one sentence per time slot (often 1 hr), thus the value of 3]

HEN  (female rooster)
NGO  (non-gov-org, has rule implications)
LEZ   (FC)
BRE   (the nine)   [lotr reference to avoid a couple nasties, goes with booze infernally]
-- note: if the 3 chops are squatted by idiot you get the case where the sli reference gets more evil than the demon it was avoiding.
ACH  ([e]bank draft) [most often used by collections and repo to find out who has]
EMO (emotion)

* BCM  Physical birth control mundane

-------- Banned 3 chops (and a few 2 chops):

- ^P.I.G (has too many non-rule / bible accommodations)
- ^C.S. (used to be water(catsuit), got 68'd to softtech)

--------- Officially unofficial
IV: inside
LN: linker

--------- Elemental Little Map flippyforthekeen:

HG is 0/0 on the map
AG is 1/1 SouthWest
CS is 11 WestPocket
TH is 7/2 PocketNorth

Assumed (TICTOK)

The provoke's : ST, MA, BA, PA, EM   [SP+AM, SU+MA, BA2JI, PA+X, numerical+KB... ]

Core:  VE, AR  BR, DA  LI, CA   G, AY  OH,U   [VE80,KH+AR, BR9, DA6, LI+X, CA+SP, .../... Q97, TRALALA]

Full: CR,GI, ,,,,,,,,,,,CT,,,,,,,,,, [the full 50"]

Builder: SP, IS etc. (TC, DE, BO,  )

Out survival: SA()TE, TB, X, SU,