Aether List

0 th principle (not rule, not hard and fast) of Aether -  Use it, don't sell it, especially not to the gov.
 - selling to the gov will get freemasons (real),  MIB (actual, and yes they are "in" government) and various others to kill you.

Aether - Maybe not Luminiferous, but C is not.
Aerthic Weapon - weapons using actual physics  "100 jewels(joules) at throats, 100 jewels between teeth" (kettle black ice - HT "Royals"), 500-50000 can kill muggles, less kills various mindwave structures
Joule - measure of energy,  often for weapons, 1 joule = 1 watt x second
Fire - Aerthic tool handed from higher dimension, usually as exact plan, sometimes as actual.
Moo - Aether + world in a catch as can eaves dropped manner aka smoke raided.
Smoke - Mindwave leakage
String - Various sub/supra atomic pieces looped together into a macro assembly, useful to listening to Mindwaves and Farming/Growing (pot and regular veggies)
Call - mindwave alteration side-effect debt, depends on rule and clan bylaws. (call girl just irritates people, smoked full)
Ghosts, Spirits, Ancestors - Ascensions with various levels of world knowledge and issues
K-Axe - Aerthic weapon thrown/slung but creating a gun effect, rips 1 back usually (10-50 joules ax, 70-90 joules tomahawk,  ~300 joules war axe)
Mindwave - all the (mostly RF/EmagElMa) waves coming out of one human, p300 is just one tiny part, but one obsessed over by various gov agencies.
The Mindwave - all the human, animal and other living minds stomping all over each other smoking from all kinds of RF/ElMa modulation/demodulation in an area.
Head / Bed  - Head is all the mindwave games in a mind that is often separated from the daily grind part of the brain. 
                    - Bed is often used to mean the rest of the world (from the sulci interior edge on down, i.e, the rest of the body and the world that actual stuff happens in)

Dragon - gTine, GodForm, ascended egregore, independent idiot, made of people parts, be careful fucking with, they have a habit of being hard to kill

Op / Hoss    - Op vs. OS vs. Hop vs. Top
                    - Hoss vs. Tar

Alien removal of flubber, the closest all in one explanation of alchemy, and (implied) magic (alchemy is doing as much of it as you can yourself, magic is the nuclear disarmament committee doing it for you to keep loose nukes out of the world), the corollary is once the nukes are out they want to cut your resource consumption, so they continuously cross link and blah out everything you do (it fucks some other poor schlub, but what ever, he was likely poor anyway), and don't think of foraging because that cuts their control ("Lev"), so they poor you into the ground.  So kiss your life goodbye unless you can hold off the flubber patrol, and remember to keep having a life.

Aether Anthropology:

Texas (in general): Mean
- very good at crashes (cars, airplanes, etc)

California (bay area, sacto): Malicious
- come to California on vacation leave on probation.

Los Angeles (LA): Fucked in the head
- beat down by groom lake "attitude adjustment" seems to have helped

New York: Feral
- Cops are idiots

Arizona: Schitzo
- Phoenix, hazardous
- Sedona, Lake hava poo, suck
- hupachupas just angry, beaners are nuts

Nevada: nice at first
- then things go down hill

Utah: liar queens
- with a nasty case of plant alchemy

Idaho: fragmented nukee nazi bikies

New Mexico: respect (having an aether bender and p/hydro code on tap goes a long way)
- intersection of shaman, kin bitch and ufos causes culture clash and lots of checks