Obsidian AeroGel langoleirs lounge by the pool waiting for something toothsome

You see a sweeping view of a garden full of old equipment.  A Large Raven with a pencil sits here shooting crows et al. 
A radioactive shimmer seems to surround a pile of black scrolls, old rocks with strange square holes are strewn about
Traces of multi colour ice litter the area
A collection of souvenir splinters from lightning blasted trees indicate heavy weapons and Goddesses
- Fine chopped toothpicks are simmering
Several Brightly Coloured Axe's are available for use by all, surrounded by the smell of ozone and wet earth
A Parrot is emoting vigorously into an old fashioned microphone (he seems to have lost his beret), it would seem to be a
limited vocabulary with suspicious omissions. 
Lilo is yelling about top drawer and waving a clear vz with glow in the dark tracers (.23 caliber)
Stich has a really sketch colt auto with pic mounts inc. laser (his extras aren't visible) [bikini holster not in]
The rainmaking gear is thin, sketchy and very suspicious
Spider silk glints, schematics litter the area near the photon torpedo racks
A warm telegraph key (2,7,soft 40.....)