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Aether Manipulation

0th:  Fur confers aerthic defensive bonus, FReya does jack shit for you.  unground fur(coat over shirt or dry skin) is only a minor impediment.
    - (plain old[tight fitting}) head scarves are almost as effective as fur. [but only for the head, other parts have to be loose enough for movement]

The prime directive mimics(is smoke of) the "Compact"

- The Illegals:  apolloOfHera, maherOfArianrhod, nuitOfElohim, vegoiaOfYamantaka, saexnetOfFreya, tawusmalikOfLucifer, aphroditeOfSita.HI, peachesOfBea,boneOfIdiot
  inannaOfSamedi, poisidonOfX, etruscanOfSomebody
- Other backwards idiots to watch out for: musesOfWarriors, mechs, (some of the fractals are backwards as well), thotep.BL

- Triplets: <name><stringer><illegal/Stolen><ABpile>,  AsiaticBeaOdinSejong[hidingfrom:Elohim,TradAfri], JewHeraNuitPLwoman[hidingfrom: Elohim, momma], 
    CaliforniaGTbaccusArianrudeAmyamon[hidingfrom: world/religion, consequences], PacSUNvegoiaTuMaher<anti(brit/imperial/police)stack> [hidingfrom:westernism]
-- By default they all hiding from the elohim as the compact requires 88buzzing/link disolv of uncurated/independent/open backwards.

- Honey gets more than vinegar, but vinegar leaks far easier (especially from demons)

Debugging:  why doesn't my scroll/talisman/tattoo/runes work - I, J, K (also pierce, through, OB, JA, and a couple others.  aka the bread and butter of op)
  - tattoo[only way to block]: upstream link blocked/blahed/LK'd/button-pushed a resource you invoked/evoked/depend on, even if only implicitly.
    -(never worked, or added to it) make sure you didn't bar the tattoo(roses?) or get a conflicting one.[rarely do budha and fire mix well]

Artificial-Idiots (faking it for the rest of the world)

Aether List - the screw you enumeration
Seven Dirty Words - "gut punching" [symbolic jamming]
Mercury, Silver cords, Philosopher's Stones, multidimensional(TM) Time

DDOS (distributed denial of []magic]service)

TR/U MA/GI/C - Rock Paper Scissors with the most bastard idiots in the world.

Green Intoto:  Workers are owed meal(1) and shelter (tent and soup kitchen) everything else is on them (except jail due to HW).
- Corollary: KNowledge Is All (and a form of payment), Therefore WHT is on the hook massive (why they always die physically).
    Accounting:  it takes at least 50KN to get into the "game" and 500 to break even(survive) 5000KN to start not losing.
     The Shake: Several of the most powerful don't hold to "a fish and slap" as minimum wage
        - Op Luxury:  Featherbedding it (old down sleeping bag under a concrete bridge)

Yellow: NLP negging
- Corollary: The Goddess is IN (bin laden '67, bin laden '88, bin laden '15)

WHT:  fuck the op totally, then hide who dunit - flip-flip-flip-flip a is c is d is b [playing 3 card monte with piles of shit, pinions, cunts and non-op-Ideas]
- Corollary: Op gets through (JFK, RFK, Teddy, [clue is san francisco gay "guns" and how they work])
    Accounting: Industrial deathmagic(GX) catches up sooner rather than later, but everybody except the stars are expendable
      - In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida (to IN:  GA,DA,HA[ve])
   --- White(fake)  is entirely different than the various white furs etc. [all colors are _way_  overloaded]

Blue: 78/53 fucked (physically mess'd)  78(101) - JimiHendrix  78(103) TheRamones 78(58) Ridgway,Pistorious,GGAllin(53/Z) 
  - Corollary: The blues all die fast, Jimi just chose to die rich and famous
      Accounting: Jimi got whacked by HammerLeft(LuckyMan) the HerpDet (stopped his Rez cure and ported suicide) (own knife sacrifice triggered by Blackwidow/Sacrifice 1970)
        The Shake: Death Is The Beginning, the Lucky Man (53/48,also dead before retirement) kills "own" C-130J for carrying scimitars [its a mason thing]   

FreeKN: holding a colour is death, rise above all

Liars:  (99.9% of the astral)
 - Devils: lips moving, lying 100mph, hair on fire.
 - Demons: lips moving, feeding you a bunch of info that avoids the one critical (to you and them) piece of info you need.
 - LargeFelines:  can't take two steps without lying about who died.
 - Masons: lying about whodunit only.
 - White: lying to themselves so they can't tell
 - Gems: lie sideways cause they can't see [3D, or often frac]
 - DarkLords: don't lie, they just swap fucking everything (even the truth  [if you don't keep track of which cord was swapped then truth isn't]

RA7 Comm symbols
11:11 TimeBongoGematria
500 Full Bongo Gematria (noTime11Full)

Waterboarding as drowning and other "NE"ing ["Holodeck" faking for spirit manipulation]

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