Tear down of IBM 4758-023:

The IBM 4758 pci crypto and HSM card has been superseded by the 4764, and Crypto Express3.  While cleaning up I found a couple old cards laying around and decided to take a trip back. (unfortunate encounter with scanning electron microscope is suspected).  Nine years ago I was the first to put outside pics on the web, now here are the inside pics.  More information on exploiting these cards can be had from the 3DES key extraction hack by a Cambridge team.  A quick design synopses can be had from Dartmouth.  IBM's crypto card page seems to indicate you can still buy them.

"The IBM 4758 PCI Cryptographic Coprocessor is a secure cryptoprocessor implemented on a high-security, programmable PCI board. Specialized cryptographic electronics, microprocessor, memory, and random number generator housed within a tamper-responding environment provide a highly secure subsystem in which data processing and cryptography can be performed."

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