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 Puff65537 vs. RedIce1337   ................................................ 

Same guy, change of name due to collision with Chinese calling their Egregore "Dragons" I'm one H.Sapien (moon of "IT" but myself only on these pages) As far as I can tell there is no downside to "dragon" so its simpler to move me, and taking my Alchemy Weapon type as a handle is apropo.  

The Puff65537 dragon et. al. is tattered full.

Tec Hax (

severe issues due to scoreboard and referee(social) haxing
Distinguished Engineers writing sharepoint exploits off the cuff

Start of Linux Mainline Code:



Qmail Testing: < DCC

4758 tear down - IBM 4758 crypto card guts, first time on the web.

Linux Repair - Various linux fixes and files.

Linux Mailing Lists

Aether Manipulation:  Kadmon is NorthAmerica?  I think I see AN's problem right there.

Shit lists, Enemies lists, Godly Vengeance and taking care (of ones own, of karma, of bizness)
- marking kitten killers for death
- empire FO'ing
- JFK gets karma'd by his sister. [mixing guns dicks and forced belief will kill, no matter how much gun control]

HaterAde - the end of defense. (aetheric "capitalism")

Crowley & "Satan Rape Divorce"  - Beast666 crashes into Neanderthal Cannibalism of the Red Gal
 - Small and hidden:  The Babalon.Saturn dicotomy
 - Demons: Amoral, partially sentient programs/recipes for efficiently manipulating Gods&Goddess to produce standard results. [blowback may vary]

"Aerthic Shiv" Materials list:
- 3 - 5 cups to hold water for dropper generator
- sandwich bags for string & lens, pencils for lead (wire)
- chip bags or other electrodes
- box for bounce chamber
- crystals  - hair/sweat, aluminum, salt, thermometer, halogen bulb
- hellbore - magnets,